The two sides of the same coin: from a Supplier to a Purchaser

The two sides of the same coin: from a Supplier to a Purchaser


In this blog, Apostolos Gaglias, a Purchaser from the Piraeus office, shares his journey from supplier to purchaser, highlighting his passion, expertise, and the dynamic, supportive environment at Baseblue.

A typical day at Baseblue involves a strategic approach to bunker procurement, where the goal is to secure the best combination of price and quality for fuel delivery across Greek ports. This role has evolved significantly from being a physical supplier to a purchaser, leveraging 20 years of experience in the industry to navigate the complex market dynamics.

The transition to a buyer role brought its challenges, particularly in maintaining Baseblue’s high standing in Piraeus, Greece’s barometer port, and extending that excellence to other regional ports. Overcoming these challenges required raising and sustaining the company’s profile through strategic relationships and in-depth industry knowledge.

As a former physical supplier, my daily influence on purchasing decisions is significant. I constantly monitor suppliers’ purchasing forms for any changes and use my understanding of negotiation tactics to my advantage. This knowledge allows me to handle negotiations with insight, as I can anticipate their direction and strategise accordingly. Every day, I apply this perspective to think like a supplier, which helps me navigate the purchasing landscape with agility and ensures that Baseblue secures the best deals.

Baseblue’s evolution in the bunker trading market has been pivotal, especially in catering to the needs of Greek shipping companies and international vessels in Greek waters. Despite the shift from a physical supplier presence, Baseblue has maintained its efficiency and influence by fostering excellent supplier relationships and applying extensive expertise acquired over the years. This adaptability and commitment to excellence have ensured Baseblue’s continued significance in the Greek maritime trade hub.

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The two sides of the same coin: from a Supplier to a Purchaser

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