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Baseblue has evolved from merging three pioneering bunker trading houses to one of the largest worldwide maritime energy solutions provider, giving you unparalleled opportunities.


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Energy for Tomorrow

Baseblue navigates you towards solid energy solutions. Safely guiding you towards your business goals by offering complete, dependable, reliable marine energy solutions that deliver greater peace of mind effectively, consistently, and competitively.

Created through the merger of three leading marine fuel providers, Bunkernet, BMS United, and SBI Bunkering BV, our unified global network proactively fuels the shipping industry towards a better future.

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Our global network spans 5 locations, across 5 continents, with 30 specialist traders to deliver integrated bunker and lubricant solutions, alternative fueling options, and risk management consulting. Baseblue’s service is a seamless, trusted, and responsible fuelling experience. Our team has 33 years of experience and diverse maritime expertise. With our skilful people and broad market overview, we help you manage change, seize opportunities and deliver greater resilience.

We cover every industry

Our team’s deep understanding of diverse shipping segments allows us to deliver tailored and comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs and challenges of each industry. From bulk carriers to naval vessels and luxury cruise liners, Baseblue is your reliable partner for efficient and sustainable operations in the ever-evolving maritime landscape.

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What set us apart

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Strong foundations

In an industry that is changing, shifting and morphing faster than we have ever experienced, we’ve built Baseblue on strong foundations that ensure we are always delivering you the right products, services and solutions at the right time.

Agile thinking

We are performance-driven and goal-oriented, able to adapt quickly, innovate and steadily deliver more value by collaborating as an interactive network.


Breaking down silos

With transparent procedures and no hidden agendas, we strive to build a boundary-less organisation whose culture focuses on finding solutions and making you stronger.


We see beyond the obvious details, tackling problems head-on and getting on with driving growth and innovation together.

Living our values

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We lead with integrity as individuals and as an organisation. We gain our credibility and customers’ trust by doing what we say we’ll do, holding ourselves accountable, and putting the needs of our customers before our own. We have a bias for action and do not freeze in times of uncertainty. We are confident and optimistic yet humble. Our strength is built on our people and ability to manage change while balancing stability and growth.


We are constantly evolving and embracing innovation and risk. We are open to new ideas and flexible enough to work through challenging issues. We are confident, calm, and ready to make a quick decision when faced with an unexpected challenge. We are visionaries who understand that continuous change is occurring around us, so what worked in the past may only sometimes work now.

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We strive for the diligence that nurtures strength. We like to be diligent about uncommon things — for example, constantly asking ourselves, “ “How can we reinforce/increase our customers’ strengths to strengthen them.” We share a philosophy of perpetual quality improvement and believe that work ethic, persistence, and consistent results make all the difference in the world. Looking back at our many years of growth, we are living proof of Samuel Johnson’s statement that “few things are impossible to diligence and skill.”


“None of us is as smart as all of us.” We are a diverse and selective team of professionals who stand together to powerfully, consistently, and competitively deliver on our brand’s promise. We support and nurture the personal and professional growth of everyone. We believe the secret to unlocking our full potential is leveraging our people’s unique, individual strengths and matching their skills to the evolving challenges of our work.

Global presence

Baseblue has an unmatched global reach. We are present in every bunkering hub, every time zone, and on every continent.

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Hong Kong, CN

Room 3204-08, 32f
Sun Hung Kai Centre
30 Harbour Road,
Wanchai - Hong Kong

T. +852 2190 8888

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