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Building a career at Baseblue

Join our team of fuel solutions experts and become a part of our global family. We are dedicated to helping you grow both professionally and personally. With our diverse team and 5 office locations, you’ll have the opportunity to shine and make a difference.

View job openings
View job openings

Our people are our value

Baseblue people are great communicators, responsive, competent and precise. We pride ourselves on our core values: leadership, adaptability, diligence and unity.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Baseblue team, enquire about our employment opportunities today.

A purpose-led career

At Baseblue we all have one thing in common: our shared purpose to navigate our customers towards solid marine energy solutions.  We are clear about who we are as a company, the kind of attitude we seek in our people, and what they can expect from us. Our core values are consistent across our organisation, regardless of whether you work in trading or administration.


Leadership: We lead with integrity, as individuals and as an organisation.

Adaptability: We are constantly evolving and embracing innovation and risk.


Diligence: We strive to improve to make our customers stronger perpetually.

Unity: We are a diverse team united in delivering on our promises.

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Weekly Spotlight on Biofuel Readiness

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