Digital Optimisation

Digital Optimisation

Baseblue’s digital optimisation platform gives you end-to-end control of your bunker value chain including weather routing, fuel quality, fuel consumption, price prediction & emissions.


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Insight through analytics

With ever increasing energy costs, regulatory complexity and procurement difficulty, real time and real world insights are critical to compliant and efficient bunkering.

Technology remains the most effective way to improve the process. Our digital optimisation platform offers streamlined analytics and post fixture support to revolutionise bunker operations.

Platform benefits

  • Optimise voyage plans, Improve decision making on the most optimal bunkering pathway (Fuel type, In Setting, Port optionality)
  • Dedicated end to end post fixture support from intrinsic delivery logistics to bunker consumption monitoring.
  • Supplier and barge vetting
  • Improve bunker planning
  • Improve bunker quality control
  • Lower bunker procurement costs and transparently benchmark
  • Improve communication between technical, operations and supply functions
  • Standardised bunkering procedures that are recordable and auditable
  • Reduce CO2 emissions end to end

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Digital Optimisation

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Released on September 24, 2023
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