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Fuelink is an advanced digital platform designed to revolutionise bunker data management and fuel supply operations in the maritime industry. Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Fuelink empowers users to streamline decision-making processes, enhance operational efficiency, and minimise costs like never before.


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Welcome to the future of maritime fuel management

With Fuelink, users can unlock efficiency and ensure compliance with ease.

  • Voyage Schedule Optimisation: Fuelink runs an integrated scheduling system that offers real-time online transparent view of vessel operations, emissions and costs.
  • Fuel Strategy: The Fuelink platform allows operator to structure the vessel fuel strategy calculating all possible pathways for conventional or alternative fuel.
  • Emissions Planning: EU ETS/Fuel EU analysis highlights the emission profile of each leg and each voyage transparent set of information between all stakeholders through platform access.
  • Bunker/EUA Procurement: Purchase of bunkers/EUAs directly and transparently through the platform with Fuel EU pooling, calculation & exchange.
  • After Sales Support : Dedicated Aftersales team monitoring and reporting vessel bunkering activity.
  • EUA Wallet: Purchase of EUAs for European emissions compliance within the Platform ecosystem. One Stop Shop.
  • Emissions Report: The Fuelink platform records consumption and end of voyage report for full ESG compliance to organisational standards.
  • Transparent Recordkeeping: Access all bunker-related information in one centralised repository, making auditing processes easier and more efficient.

Proactive Planning

Real-time availability of ROBs, voyages & vessel data.

Digital Optimisation

Baseblue Trader

Trader embedded in customer operation. Enabling planning.

Digital Optimisation

Price Optimisation Benchmarking

Forward buying options or next port top-up.

Digital Optimisation

Term Optimisation

One worldwide set of Terms. Bimco terms 2018 / special clause for 30 days claim period.

Digital Optimisation

After Sales Monitoring

24/7 vessel monitoring/agent/supplier coordination.

Digital Optimisation


Full access to Surveyor. Real-time upload of Report/ BDN/ SOF directly to Fuelink.

Digital Optimisation

Emissions Control

Guidance by Fuelink emissions module on optimum energy management needs.

Digital Optimisation

Discover the Future of Maritime Operations

Fuelink is leading the way in driving efficiency, compliance, and innovation in the maritime industry. Join us as we navigate the future of fuel supply operations with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support. Experience the power of Fuelink and revolutionize your maritime operations today. Contact us to learn more about the platform.

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Digital Optimisation

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Digital Optimisation

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