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Alternative fuels

Start your decarbonisation journey with us. Baseblue is by your side to navigate the transition to alternative fuels. Our dedicated alternative fuels team is to help you reach your emissions reduction targets through guidance and up-to-date knowledge on the availability and supply of alternative fuel choices.

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We help you meet your CO2 targets

Our services go beyond just procuring future fuels. We also provide expert advice on the ideal fuel choice based on your specific needs, as well as tips on how to maximize its efficiency. Additionally, we offer the latest guidance on upcoming legislation to ensure you stay up-to-date.

Our expertise lies in our ability to test and evaluate future fuels, identify their benefits and limitations, and share that knowledge with our clients. We currently collaborate with innovative clients in the offshore supply, heavy lift, and specialized vessel sectors.

Partnering with Baseblue for alternative fuel supply is a natural choice, as we are backed by strong financial resources and offer attractive credit facilities.

At Baseblue, we have established partnerships and conducted trials with top suppliers of transitional and future fuels, such:

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Alternative Fuels

Weekly Spotlight on Biofuel Readiness

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