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Risk Management

Unlike other companies, Baseblue has a dedicated risk management team. Expert consultants with deep knowledge in the paper markets who take the time to discuss your needs and tailor a tailor-made strategy to mitigate risk.

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Trade in the safest way possible

We have an open line of communication with our clients to advise on the trajectory of the markets whilst being in an ever-ending effort to locate opportunities in the forward markets.

This gives us an edge in risk management, with the ability to hedge large volumes, providing the best possible solutions.

We help you take control of your costs and manage real risk through tailored hedging solutions, supporting you through stabilizing cash flow and reducing volatility that mitigates your exposure.

By monitoring the markets and keeping close communication with our clients, we identify opportunities.

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  • FPAs: we are identifying opportunities in the forward markets and providing our clients with fixed-price offers that could be much more attractive than the spot market.
  • Contracts: we can work basis contracts, booking volumes for sets of liftings for a specific period of time basis fixed price.

We support you in earnings and management by creating a risk strategy to match your financial objectives. The result is a risk management solution that offers a flat structure, facilitating decision-making and reducing financial exposure.

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Risk Management

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