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Energy for Tomorrow

Baseblue unites three leading brands to bring you energy solutions

Stronger than the sum of our parts, Baseblue brings you holistic services and marine energy solutions that deliver real value and drive sustainable growth.

Providing seamless, innovative, and sustainable energy solutions worldwide

Baseblue navigates you towards solid energy solutions. Safely guiding you towards your business goals by offering complete, dependable and reliable marine energy solutions that deliver greater peace of mind, effectively, consistently and competitively.

Created through the merger of three leading bunkering companies Bunkernet, BMS United and SBI Bunkering BV, our unified global network proactively fuels the shipping industry toward a better future.

Thanks to our global network of specialists we deliver holistic and integrated bunkering and lubricant solutions, alternative bunkering fuel options, risk management consulting and a seamless, trusted & responsible fuelling experience.

Our combined team has a diverse range of maritime expertise with vast industry experience worldwide. With our skilled people and broad market overview, we help you manage change, seize opportunities and deliver greater resilience and sustainability.


Our values

Leadership – we lead with integrity; as individuals and as an organization.
Adaptability – we are constantly evolving and embracing innovation and risk.
Diligence – we strive to perpetually improve to make our customers stronger.
Unity– we are diverse team united to deliver on our promises.

“Baseblue brings together the best of three leading brands to deliver agile and innovative solutions for our customers worldwide. We are committed to delivering real value and peace of mind.”
Lars Nielsen, CEO, Baseblue


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Baseblue people are great communicators, responsive, competent and precise. We pride ourselves on our core values: leadership, adaptability, diligence and unity.

If you think you have what it takes to join the Baseblue team, enquire about our employment opportunities today.

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