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Removing complexity from lubricant supply.

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Our dedicated Lubricants Team has established strong and resilient relationships with marine lube oil suppliers all over the world. Their understanding of the products and technical characteristics required for each port we operate in is unmatched. We take great pride in ensuring that every grade of the product is readily available, delivered on time, and of exceptional quality.

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Exclusive global supply partnerships for a tailored service

We strive to remove complexity from any marine lubricant supply challenge, providing service excellence and up-to-date information to help you with your daily operations. Baseblue doesn’t just purchase and sell lubricants – we take time to understand your specific business needs and provide ongoing analysis of suppliers, building alliances to match your needs.  Most importantly, aggregated volumes enable us to deliver better prices and benefits.

Our dedicated operations team follow up on all the physical deliveries, both on the post-fixture side and, if needed, the onboard physical delivery as well. Moreover, we can provide a full package of technical support including sampling analysis, using an efficient monitoring system based on analysis of the actual lubricant(s) supplied.

For our customers, we have the local expertise to provide deep knowledge and insight for them to make informed decisions, and we approach every contract with the same consistent quality service and attention to detail.

Through exclusive supply partnerships, Baseblue provides a range of different lubricant grades worldwide, providing tailored lubricant contracts to suit every need.

We bring value to your operations through

  • Strong financial backing, credit facilities and attractive terms
  • Allied suppliers and exclusive partnerships for competitive, reliable supply & availability
  • Global coverage of nearly all commercial ports, anchorages, and offshore locations worldwide
  • Supplying only ISO approved and OEM-approved
  • Full compliance with national and local regulations
  • Monitoring through onboard lubricant sampling analysis
  • Lubrications charts & surveys upon request
  • Consulting services from our experienced Mechanical & Chemical Engineers 

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