Celebrating the Empowering Spirit

Celebrating the Empowering Spirit

Remarkable Women of Baseblue

On International Women’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to reflect on the remarkable accomplishments of women in the Baseblue family. From Greece to Hong Kong, Argentina to the Netherlands, and all around our offices, our female colleagues inspire us with their dedication, leadership, and commitment to positively impacting the workplace and the world.

This year, we want to highlight some remarkable individuals and initiatives that exemplify the spirit of empowerment and progress:

– Fani Panayiotidou: Fani’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in driving the success of our operations, and she has recently been promoted to Senior Post Fixture Operator.

– Maria Theodoridou and Galatia Agathocleous: These two exceptional women demonstrated extraordinary dedication by volunteering and funding a mission to Ghana for a water project. Their initiative, aimed at providing clean water, supporting education, delivering medical assistance, and empowering women in the community, is a testament to their compassion and leadership.

– Stella Fyfe: Stella’s promotion to ESG Manager is a recognition of her commitment to environmental, social, and governance initiatives, paving the way for a greener future at Baseblue.

– Eleni Karlaftis: With nearly 25 years of dedication to our company, Eleni’s nomination for the Greek International Women Awards is a well-deserved recognition of her contributions and achievements.

– Alejandra Lavin, Ariadne Soulis, and Alina Fouchek: Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has led to hiring these three highly skilled female employees, each bringing their unique talents and perspectives to our team.

– Charoula Baltsogia: Charoula’s relocation from Cyprus to Greece, supported by Baseblue, exemplifies our commitment to providing opportunities for all individuals to thrive and succeed.

– The Accounting Department: Evi Chatzouli, Maria Hadjisolomou, Eleni Tzeferis, Antigone Poulasouchidou, Kornilia Lalou, Anna Katsara, Jasmin Smit, Marlou van der Velde, Bonnie Yan, Clara Yip, Katherine Ko, Tinny Wong, and Yanichel Wong form the backbone of our financial success, showcasing the power of teamwork and collaboration.

– Mia Nguyen, Sophia Pan, Maritina Levanti, Marlen Palikaraki, Sunny Tang, Jildau Faber, Gergana Vasileva and Mirjam Toflund: These talented women have excelled in various positions within our company and continue to excel and drive innovation in their respective roles.

– Claudia Elena Propato and Laura Clara Propato: Their longstanding dedication and support to the Buenos Aires office reflect the importance of teamwork and loyalty.

To all the amazing women at Baseblue, we would like to show our appreciation for their hard work, passion, and dedication. They make a difference daily, and this International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate and honour you. Here’s to continuing our empowerment, progress, and success journey together.

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Celebrating the Empowering Spirit

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