Navigating Hong Kong’s Bunker Trading Landscape

Navigating Hong Kong’s Bunker Trading Landscape


In this blog, Kalum Gunawardana, Senior Trader at Baseblue’s Hong Kong office, aimed at uncovering insights about the company’s operations, market trends, and his personal experience.

As a member of the trading team at Baseblue’s Hong Kong office, my day begins with analyzing market trends and assessing our current positions. This means closely monitoring the price movements of HSFO, LSFO, LSMGO, and Biofuels, particularly in comparison to regional markets like South and East Asian ports. Throughout the day, I engage with suppliers and clients to facilitate trading and ensure smooth operations. Staying updated on regulatory changes and industry news is crucial, as these can impact our trading strategies. It’s a fast-paced environment where adaptability and quick decision-making are essential.

In Hong Kong’s bunker trading industry, we’re seeing significant shifts. LSFO fuel oil prices are becoming more competitive, aligning closely with rates in major ports like Singapore and China. This trend is driven by declining premiums and a weakening demand for HSFO. Additionally, there’s an increasing availability of Marine B24 Bio Fuel, which is ISCC-EU certified and UCOMO compliant, highlighting a growing emphasis on sustainable fuel options in the region.

One of the primary challenges I face is navigating the fluctuating demand and supply dynamics in the Hong Kong market. Bunker demand can be volatile, influenced by global economic conditions and regulatory changes. Increasing competition among suppliers adds another layer of complexity. Balancing these factors while maintaining competitive pricing and reliable supply sources requires constant vigilance and strategic planning.

Working at Baseblue has been immensely rewarding, particularly because of the strong sense of teamwork and the company’s esteemed reputation, built over 30 years in the market. Being part of this legacy instills confidence when engaging with stakeholders. I find it gratifying to contribute to a team that operates like a family, where mutual respect and support are integral to our success. Baseblue’s industry recognition allows us to uphold high standards and build lasting relationships with our clients.

Having been with Baseblue for over nine years, I’ve experienced a diverse and inclusive company culture that fosters collaboration and excellence. Our team in Hong Kong reflects a rich blend of backgrounds and languages, enhancing our ability to connect with a broad spectrum of clients and partners. Each team member is valued and respected, contributing to a supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to excel both professionally and personally. This culture not only promotes teamwork but also empowers us to achieve our common goals effectively.

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Navigating Hong Kong’s Bunker Trading Landscape

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